Time warp at work

This entire week is about as close to hectic at work as it gets. I launched a test of a site Monday morning and am programming toward the goal of launching another site test by Thursday. Friday we head up to Vancouver B.C. so not only do I have plenty to accomplish but a shorter span of time in which to do so. Don't worry, I'm not stressed or anything -- this stuff's actually really fun. I may, however, have been abducted by time-shifting aliens Monday afternoon. It all started when Sarah brought me lunch. She had the day off to celebrate our presidential heritage. Monday's we usually find ourselves eating out for lunch as a way to enjoy some time together and kick off the week right. Today Sarah was nice enough to pick up some sandwiches and head over to my office. We enjoyed our chow together but I soon had to get back to work. After she left I made good time on some programming tasks and got with a co-worker to discuss our progress. After a few other things I sat down at my desk and said to myself something like, "Great, it's not even 3 yet so I have plenty of time..."

The realization then struck me it was quarter to five -- PM! Somehow I was so focused on what I was doing that I completely lost track. Even while clocks stare me in the face on my computer, on my desk, cellphone, and anywhere else I look I somehow completely zoned and cruised through everything until nearly quitting time. Dang. I got plenty done but was in such a groove that I must've been traveling the speed of light -- the faster I worked the faster time passed by for the rest of the world. Yeah, that's it! Physics strikes again! Anyway, that's my story.

posted Feb 21, 2006 under lost two hours, time flies, time warp  

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