Photos ~ Deer in our neighborhoods

There are lots of small critters that live out their lives among us. But bigger ones aren't often seen in such densely populated areas. Now, I know we've had goats invade a local park, birds tearing up our lawns or just sitting watching us in our alleys, and we've even seen signs of deer in fallen snow. It's always fun, however, to catch a glimpse of local deer wandering the streets.

Just the other day I saw a couple deer while out running an errand. The two were just off 21st behind the shopping center with Joeseppi's. I worried about them at first but they were smart and stuck to a green belt that ran the length behind those buildings. Makes me think about green belts and even trying to make available some unobstructed paths between local green spaces like Chambers Creek, Titlow Park, Point Defiance Park, and the various lush ravines in the area for these critters to travel between safely. I suppose though it's a fat chance this'll happen considering the lack of human walking and bike trails in this area.

Have you seen these guys wandering around town? Where at? Like I've heard, have they taken the occasional nibble on your roses? I've started a Google map 'cause I think it would be interesting to log info about where folks see them so we can get a better idea of where they're coming from/going to. Feel free to drop your sightings below and email any photos over to me.

posted Aug 1, 2007 under deer, tacoma, urban wildlife  

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