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Seems to be a bit of chatter about Tacoma growing up (literally) and concerns about folks' current and future views. "Steam Vent" is a new feature I'm trying here where I'll introduce an issue and let folks comment away. For the edition of the Steam Vent, let's talk views. Here's one that ought to get the conversation going: Continental Grain's new cargo ship umbrella!

Continental Grain umbrella

There's also concern over some some proposed tall condos along the Thea Foss and then there's things like solid brick walls. I'm also not a big fan of above ground power lines. Even if I could afford it, I'd never buy a house like this or this with views cross-crossed by wires. Sink 'em underground, I say, and that way they won't get hit by cars or knocked down by trees!

See? It's that easy. Just let out some steam and vent. Enjoy!

posted Oct 18, 2006 under grain umbrella, steam vent, tacoma, views  

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