Productive afternoon of windows and lights

Now is not a good time to be away from work. I've got a pretty big project launch next Friday but had to take a half day off today to get some things done. After a no-show last week the folks that installed our new windows finally decided to escalate our leaky issue and get a guy out here tonight. I also finally got bit by the broken windshield bug and made a call yesterday to have that massive crack in it fixed. So this afternoon was the time for these items to converge. The windshield guy from Safelite was nearly an hour early which was especially impressive since they could only assure me his arrival would be somewhere between one and four o'clock. My main windshield man Marcus made short work of the job and it looks great. Although I won't really know if there's any problems until it rains or I run it through a car wash, I'm only happy to have my compulsive need for a clean windshield satisfied. But, in some ways, I'll miss that crack.

I got it while driving down to Vancouver to help my parents dig out from nine inches of snow. A big rock flew right at the car and instantly made a crack too big to be patched. I watched it grow and would sometimes smudge a small fingerprint on the glass to mark it's progress like a small child having growth spurts. It saw the historic first private, manned space launch of SpaceShipOne, a beautiful weekend and my first visit to Crater Lake, my wedding day, and so much more. It will be missed.

I also did a bit of research this afternoon into a couple lights burned out on my car. One of my fog lamps has been out for a while but just the other day one of the main headlamps went out. Gently tearing apart the front of my car I discovered exactly what kinds of bulbs were needed and checked the stock of the local Schucks over the phone. I'd have to wait, however, since the other window guy was stopping by. This time he actually came, which was as step in the right direction. He took a look and found some pinhole-size gaps in the caulking of the window in question and patched it up. Hopefully the next driving rain will prove that the job is finally done right. If not they'll have to come out again and put something up to stop it from leaking.

Anyway, I hit the road, got the bulbs I need, and successfully brought my car back up to full street legality. Although it was a bright clear day with plenty of sunlight to guide my repairs (along with my sweet LED headlamp) it was dang cold! Before leaving work I noticed just how cold by the fact that the window by my desk seemed to actually have cold air pouring down off of it. Cold fingers and typing code is not a good combination. I won't, however, complain because the natural light does wonders for my day in, day out spirits and the plants around my work area truly appreciate the light.

So, productive day, new windshield, no more crack, caulked leak, and well-lit car. Peace out!

P.S. - Sarah gets back from an L.A. business trip tonight. I miss that woman! I can't wait to snuggle up to her tonight -- too bad my unconscious self will probably steal the sheets from her.

A portion of the crack in my windshield -- just look how it shimmers in the sunlight

An exterior view of the crack in my windshield

Safelite guy to the rescue!

Get away from my car! Hey, it's just Marcus, the Safelite guy

Out with the old [windshield]

That be one of the bad H3 12V 55W halogen fog lamps from my car

Bonus photos: kitties duking it out for some prime sunshine time

Colby and Lulu enjoying some afternoon sunshine

Colby's a big dufus

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