No 'donor wall' but stop work order lifted

A squirrel in our attic has just sent me info regarding your favorite topic and mine: the downtown WSHM donor wall. The short of it is the stop work order has been lifted so no wall, but the fence is now clear to go back up. Here's some text from a certified letter sent from the City of Tacoma out to Nicandri and the WSHM:

"The purpose of this letter is to provide notice that Stop Work Order issued on September 26, 2006 is hereby removed on the condition that the remaining work under the permit be limited to reinstallation of the old fence, using materials as with its original construction, and the same location as before demolition.   Please note that this action does not limit, or alter in anyway rights the city has under the easement agreement to access museum property."

It also doesn't sound like the city has any other legal power or say to urge Nicandri and the WSHM to leave any kind of gap in the fence for pedestrian access.

So where does that leave anyone who believes such a passage would be great for residents and visitors while not harming museum visitation? Let's start by sending emails. Click the following link to send a message of support for leaving a pedestrian passage where the fence once stood. Feel free to add in your own thoughts and perspective to the email and thanks for your support.

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Want to express your opinion but stay anonymous? Drop in a comment below or email it to me and I'll pass them on. Thanks!

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