The day of the bamboo

Friend Angela (of the Fergusons) was kind enough to shuttle us in her truck Blue to pick up our bamboo and barrier material. Fortunately, our muscles didn't sap all our energy so we were able to wake up and head out. Yeah, good times. We're pretty sore but needed to finish the job. Thursday, tore out the sod. Yesterday, dug the trench. Today, the bamboo.

After the pick up and the Angela thanking, we scarfed down a little lunch then got dirty. In the yard. Doing yard-related things. You're dirty! Anyway, I dug out the biggest rock un-earthed among a pile of other rocks already brought to the surface yesterday. This was a tricky one that I promised [the rock] yesterday I would see it again today. Kevin 1, Rock 0. Anyway, we unrolled the barrier material and began lining that trench then filling it again with dirt. It was depressingly easy to scoop up buckets of dirt, pour it into the ditch, and stomp it down with our feet. My kingdom for a self-burying form of barrier material. Oh well. We did it and, sooner that six hours later, we were ready to place and plant our bamboo. Then we did! I kept telling Sarah that, after yesterday, today was like being on vacation. No more ditch digging. Only washing rocks and planting a few plants.

In the end, everything came out just as we hoped. It'll be fun to see what the bamboo does this season and for the next couple years. Thanks to Sarah for all her hard work -- I couldn't do it without you babe! And thanks to some gene that my dad must've passed onto me that allowed me to work thanklessly hard to get something done. Despite some sore muscles, we're in good spirits and our yard has undergone yet another worthy transition.

posted May 7, 2006 under bamboo, digging, planting, trench  

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