The day we dig

Having prepped our yard a bit last Thursday, today was the day we dug. To keep the forthcoming bamboo contained we needed to dig a trench. This may not sound like much but we needed to excavate 50 linear feet down 24 inches to achieve our goal. A liner would then fill only a fraction of a centimeter (I know, I'm mixing my systems of measurement) with a liner to prevent the bamboo from taking over our yard, the neighbors, and perhaps the entire city! Anyway, my aversion to using too many power tools and "if we can't do it when we're this age they we're in trouble" attitude led me to grab my newly purchase trenching shovel a get to work.

And serious work it was! After digging out only a couple feet I was nearly spent. I nearly gave in around noon and found a way to rent a trench digger (machine). Instead, I enlisted the help of my lovely wife along with a new method and we were on our way... Once six o'clock rolled around we were finished. Yeah, it took the better part of six hours to move about twelve-and-a-half cubic yards of dirt into a pile just only to have it filled once we get the liner for our bamboo tomorrow. Nevertheless, we pushed through the pain and made once heck of an effort to get that trench completed in time to finish everything up this weekend.

In other news, we ate sushi for lunch, got pizza for dinner, ordered Sarah and Nintendo DS Lite from Japan, and watched Spaceballs. Kinda' a random day -- but boy are my muscles tired! More tomorrow...

posted May 6, 2006 under bamboo, digging, trench  

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