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I've got a big presentation at work today. My co-worker and I have been coding away on a portion of a pretty sizable web application and are showing the client a chunk of it today. We're not selling anything to them but we certainly want to keep them excited about the progress we're making. I'm sure it'll be well received but there's always minor changes to be done. Clients aren't always in tune with what they want because most of the time, when it comes to web technologies, they don't know what's out there. We've thus far done our best to sketch and spec things out so we can give the client a sense of what's coming and to let us know of any changes before we lay down a line of code. That seldom works as I'm pretty sure any diagrams or screen mock-ups we make go right through their busy minds. Most people are plenty overworked and just don't have the time to process it all. Clients usually hire us because they want their web project done and done right. We certainly do that but it's no magic bullet. Often, we need to intimately understand the client's day-to-day on down to the lingo they use. At some point, however, we just have to begin coding and use our best professional judgment and experience to help decide what works best. We'll never shove our experience down someone's throat but we do have to leverage that knowledge to help move a project forward.

So, 8:30am this morning will be their first look at a live demo of their app. If it goes well, this will be a rewarding end to a short and hectic week for tomorrow we head up to Vancouver B.C. to cheer on Matt's world premier as an animator. Wish me luck!

Update (2006-02-23 @ 10:49am)
Everything we really well at our meeting. Without having too big a head about it, I'd say we knocked one out of the park. There's plenty left to do on this project but they were really receptive to our work and appreciated how well it appeared we listened to their needs. So, now it's time to gather my brain to figure out what comes next then have some lunch at OSF with Sarah. Cheers!

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