Wall set to block downtown views blocked (for now)

Remember that little mystery wall blogged about here and here on my site and over at Exit133? According to a couple different sources, someone on the City Council asked about it and the City subsequently put a stop-work order on the project. It'll be interesting to see what comes of it.

My hope is that folks around town will drive, walk or Link by and see the "could be" that's there now. That corridor of Pacific is very pedestrian un-friendly with limited [legal/safe] crossing due to the tracks and four lanes of auto traffic and sparse much to do beyond UWT and Grassi's. With only the rebar meant to support the proposed wall in place you can get a great idea of how open, inviting and even beautiful an open path to the Bridge of Glass would be.

Drop your comments/opinions in the comments here and I'll be sure to send them around to folks over at the WSHS and City Council so, together, we can encourage a more pedestrian friendly and open downtown.

Link to more current and background info at the TNT
Link to video of yesterday's City Council study session (where Councilmember Anderson brought this up, click on "Other Items of Interest" to jump right to it)

The current, unobstructed view from Pacific of the Bridge and Museum of Glass

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