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Anti-Billboard Protest Outside City Hall

Jul. 19, 2011
Tacoma came out tonight to protest billboard blight in our neighborhoods. The crowd gathered near City Hall decked out with signs to let passer's by know they care about...

Constitutions Matter: Graffiti on Graffiti

Aug. 8, 2007
So it appears repeated calls on the local Internets to enhance local "Constitutions Matter" billboards have been heeded. A couple tips led me to five such altered signs. The...

Constitutions Matter - Reasons City Council Should Enforce Billboard Ordinance by Erik Bjornson

Aug. 2, 2007
Thanks to downtown attorney and KFnet friend Erik Bjornson for sending in the following post: Just over 10 years ago, Tacoma passed the billboard ordinance to stop the proliferation...

Coming soon: Tacoma vs. Clear Channel?

Jun. 25, 2007
Jason Hagey writes in this morning's News Tribune of things heating up a bit over local billboards. Owner of all 193 Tacoma billboards Clear Channel has already fired a...

"Hello, Washington" said the sign to the driver

Jun. 14, 2006
When the billboards begin to talk to you, maybe it's time for a little more sleep every night. All around Tacoma people may be asking themselves why some area...

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