DIY Food Container Lens Holder

One of the primary lenses I use with my Canon 80D needed a home when not in service. Lately we’ve been washing condiment and other plastic containers before recycling them and sometimes (the ones that don’t melt in the dishwasher) they come out so clean I keep a few for storing bits in my workshop.

In this case I used a couple screws to attach this old salsa container to my home office desk’s wooden legs making for a great lens storage solution that’s way better than keeping it on the floor.

You could easily use a few of these on a workshop wall and, if they’re clear, it’s easy to see exactly what’s in there. And, don’t disregard containers with tapered/smaller openings than their widest diameter (I’m looking at you, mayonnaise). Carefully use a sharp utility knife to trim off the top part.

Reusing old condiment containers is a great way to get cheap storage options while doing the Earth a solid and giving some plastic a second life.